How quality cleaners can save your business money – Part 1, Your Staff

For some companies, cleaning is viewed as an unavoidable expense rather than an investment in maintaining the well-being of their staff and facilities. If cleaning standards slip, the cost to your business can be higher than you think.

In this blog post, we make the case for why companies should invest in the best contract cleaning services, and the benefits that this could bring to their organisation.

The benefits of quality cleaning for staff

No one likes to work in a dirty environment, and ensuring the well-being of your employees has far reaching benefits for them, their families and your business. There are three main reasons why quality cleaning services can improve employee wellbeing and save your business money:

  • Quality cleaners can reduce staff sickness
    Staff sickness is bad for business. Colds, and flu can sweep through an entire office within a week and germs can live on desks, keyboards, phones, door handles, and kitchen surfaces for days. By simply implementing a thorough cleaning regime, using the right products and paying attention to key areas, staff sickness can be reduced, leading to fewer days lost to illness.
  • Quality cleaners can increases staff retention
    The working environment plays a big part in an employee’s decision to join, or leave, a company. Offices that are poorly cleaned and maintained demonstrate a lack of care in a company’s employees and can contribute to high staff turnover. Recruiting and training staff is hugely expensive, as are the opportunities missed caused by a knowledge gap when someone leaves a role.
  • Quality cleaners can increases productivity
    Research has proven that working in a clean, tidy and bright environment has a positive impact on staff productivity. An employer that invests in its facilities and staff can expect greater loyalty and productivity from its employees in return. No one likes being in an unpleasant office.

On average, UK employees take 5 days a year off work sick, costing UK businesses £29 billion annually. And with recruitment fees running into the thousands, it doesn’t take long to see a large return on investment for quality contract cleaning services.

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