How can the cleaning sector help to address the UK’s worsening productivity rating?

In February 2016, it emerged that the UK is suffering from the lowest rates of productivity growth on record. Output per hour for UK workers is 18 percentage points below the average of the rest of the G7 group of nations and has widened since the global crash.

Whilst there are a multitude of factors that determine the nations productivity rating, such as higher education, transport, trade, devolution to cities and regions, skills, long-term investment, housing, tax, digital industries and science, there are also in-work considerations such as training, facilities and working environments that can have a significant impact.

The UK’s slowdown in productivity

UK drop in GDP

It is well proven that ensuring that your premises are clean and well maintained will have a positive effect on your employees productivity, job satisfaction and staff retention, and with recruitment costs and salaries representing the largest outgoing for most businesses, a small increase in productivity can have a large impact on a business’s bottom line.

As well as increasing staff morale, motivation and job satisfaction, a clean office will reduce instances of sickness and stress, further increasing staff productivity through reduced sickness absence. A professional cleaning contractor can provide advice and services necessary to make those positive changes.

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