Blitz cleans for landlords just before Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but the festive season can be even more hectic if you are moving home. As the UK rental market continues to grow there are record numbers of tenants taking up properties throughout the year, including over Christmas. This is of course great news for renters and landlords. People are always happy to find their ideal property just in time for the holidays, and landlords can be sure of an income from their property as they head into the New Year.

The one issue that landlords undoubtedly face at this time of year is finding the time to clean and prepare their properties for their new tenants. The weeks leading up to Christmas are typically crammed with work, shopping and the stress of trying to get everything ready in time. We know the last thing you need is to deal with cleaning an entire property on top of your other commitments.

We provide a specialised Blitz service that incorporates a complete pre-tenancy clean. We offer a cost-efficient and comprehensive service, and we enjoy many successful relationships with landlords and letting agents.

Our Blitz cleaning service can transform the appearance of your rental property. People want homes rather than houses, and if they are moving in at this time of year they will naturally want an impeccably clean and comfortable house for Christmas. This is exactly what we can provide.

We do not only carry out high quality cleans and produce outstanding results, we also offer additional beneficial services to make your life even easier. Our team will collect and drop off house keys, provide before and after photographic evidence and present you with a signed off checklist of every area specified for cleaning.

We know how important it is to offer clean and well presented properties. Our skilled and experienced team will ensure your tenants move into an immaculate property so they can immediately begin settling into their new home. If you would like to know more about our Blitz cleans or any of our other cleaning services in Bristol, please give us a call.