Adjusting your cleaning plans for winter

Winter can have a major impact on office working environments. The cold weather will undoubtedly lead to more illnesses, and germs can spread quickly through the property if you don’t keep up with your cleaning requirements. To help reduce illness and absences, you may want to offer anti-bacterial products such as hand sanitiser to staff and visitors. These will help to improve hygiene and fight the germs.

Keeping up with desk cleaning through winter is also important to help prevent illnesses from spreading. A dirty, cluttered desk will be a breeding ground for germs and allows sickness to spread. By keeping everything organised and cleaning the surface regularly, you can reduce the risk of getting ill. You may want to wipe it more frequently to account for germs and should also consider eating away from desks whenever possible.

As well as desks, all other parts of the property should be kept clean too, especially door handles and kitchen appliances that people will touch frequently. Germs also gather in these places and will be spread easily because of the number of different people that come into contact with them. It is a good idea to start cleaning these more regularly in the winter.

The wet, cold and potentially snowy weather will also cause problems for your floors. People will track all kinds of dirt into your property because of the conditions, leaving your flooring dirtier than usual. You’ll need to adjust your floor cleaning as a result, ensuring you vacuum more frequently and mop harder surfaces to pick up the dirt.

At CCS we are poised to offer flexible winter cleaning services in Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas for businesses of every size. We have a talented team of qualified, experienced cleaners and can satisfy all kinds of needs, cleaning as frequently as you need us to. We understand how much strain the cold winter weather can put on offices and will deliver bespoke services to help them. If you want to arrange professional office cleaning this winter please consider us. We can offer an accurate, competitive quote and strive to deliver the best value for money possible.