Touchstone Property Management Case Study During Covid

Touchstone cleaning case study

Touchstone Property Management Case Study

Touchstone property Management Company provides a wide portfolio for commercial and residential properties, with three offices located across the UK.

CCS started cleaning the Bath office in January 2014, providing 38 hours office clean per week. Which included a supervisor leading the team who was responsible for stock ordering and liaising with CCS Account Manager.

Our Cleaning Services Throughout Covid

Since the Covid outbreak, CCS was able to assist in February 2020 by providing a higher level of service and increase the cleaning time to include sanitising touch points, door handles and light switches.

The cleaning hours were reduced to work with the flexible office hours at Touchstone. CCS cleaned one floor per night as opposed to three floors. As well as sourcing and suppling hand sanitisers, pumps, hand towels units. Working with the new Covid office guidelines.

The hours were increased for Touchstone over the summer of 2020 to coordinate with the staff.  This enabled Touchstone to have two daytime cleaners, constantly sanitising touch points, deliveries, clean over toilets and kitchen and empty PPE bins.

Today two daytime cleaners are supporting Touchstone back to the pre-covid cleaning hours.

Our Flexible Cleaning Services

CCS are keen to work with clients on a flexible basis, giving various options to provide a clean and satisfactory environment for office staff with the comfort of touch points being regularly sanitised. If you are looking for specialist cleaning services with experience working through Covid, get in touch with our team today.