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Cleaning Services In Bath

Keeping a clean environment in the workplace can be a difficult thing to achieve. After all, the constant movement of people carrying out their duties during regular working hours and some times even after, is never ending.

Corporate Cleaning Solutions is a company dedicated to making environments such as schools and offices sparkle and shine. We offer complete industrial, window, carpet and upholstery, and blitz cleaning services in Bath, Bristol, and surrounding areas of the South West of England. This way, our clients can benefit in the most complete way.

Ours, are a convenient way to get the cleaning done, the easy way. We ensure that all our staff is highly trained and that their job satisfaction is such that they take pride in everything that they do. In addition, all members of our teams are hired after carefully checking their references and carrying out CRB checks where deemed appropriate, so you can trust them as much as we do.

Our office and school cleaning contracts are drawn up after a survey has taken place, and we will offer you a detailed plan to fit your needs. We can offer you daily or weekly visits depending on your needs and will work with your budgets and requirements in mind.

It is no secret that clean environments are infinitely more pleasant than those rarely cared for, and will create better attitudes and productivity at work. One must keep in mind that for many, the place of work is where most of the time is spent, so clearly it has a direct influence in moods and well being. In addition, maintaining a good overall degree of cleanliness reduces the amount of bacteria thriving in the environment, which in turn may reduce the amount of sick days from employees.

If you are in need of a one off thorough cleaning service, consider our blitz cleans. These are carried out by our in house teams who are experts at making sure every area is comprehensively brought to impeccable conditions. This is a convenient service tailored to a variety of situations such as moving house, building sites, offices, and the home.

We love what we do and are proud of delivering exceptional services time and again. If you would like to have a chat about how we can help you, by all means give us a call at 0800 4488026 or send us a message to info@ccsltd.org and we will reply in a short time.