How to avoid the “Back-To-School Plague”

The end of the summer holidays can be a bitter-sweet time for parents. On the one hand, they will soon no longer have a house-full of kids to endlessly entertain but, on the other, supplying their off-spring with everything they need for a new school year can be a costly business.

In a survey by Nationwide Building Society last week, they estimate that parents are on average spending nearly £175 on uniforms and equipment for the upcoming school year. Continue reading

A Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Office Pt. 3

The third and final post in our series of blogs on how to maintain a healthy office focuses on some of the trade secrets used by the professionals. From the use of colour coded equipment to prevent cross-contamination to tips on effectively infection control methods, they give you an insight into the practices used by the contract cleaning industry and can be used to benchmark your incumbent cleaners.

71% of workers believe dirty office spaces have made them ill in the past – Durable UK, 2011

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