Make your office a calmer workplace in 5 easy steps

Depending on what your company does, you might find a bit of background noise inevitable, perhaps even welcome. But for some, the common open-plan office acts as a big distraction.

If you find yourself struggling to concentrate and get things done at work, perhaps you would benefit from making your environment a bit more Zenlike.

Only 53% of UK and Irish workers feel that their workplace enables them to work productively. And it’s not easy. We need a variety of environments to suit not only the task at hand, but our frame of mind and general wellbeing. Continue reading

Is it time to change your office cleaning provider?

How clean is your office right now? Are yesterday’s coffee stains still visible on desks? When did you last meet your contract manager?

If standards have started to slip, it may be time to start looking for a new cleaning provider.

It may just be a few small things playing on your mind, or it could actually be a long list of real problems which any professional and reputable cleaning provider simply wouldn’t allow to happen.  Continue reading

The Changing Face Of Office Design

We all expect more from our workplace than previous generations, and employers and office designers are definitely upping their game.

But one generation appears to be particularly sensitive to the physical and emotional environment in which they work, and that is generation Y- otherwise known as millennials. Continue reading