Make your office a welcoming place for new members of staff

Recruiting new staff is a minefield. But, once you have found the right person for your business, make sure that your office isn’t letting you down.

Employee expectations around their working environment have changed. People want to work somewhere that is clean, comfortable and inspiring. To win and retain the best staff you have to make a good impression from the very start, and your office plays a big part in their decision making. First impressions count. Continue reading

8 Dirty Habits To Banish From Your Office

No one likes to get sick. But as an employer, an outbreak of flu will devastate your company’s productivity in the short terms and, if staff sickness becomes a recurring problem, affect morale and staff retention in the long term.

Almost half of UK office staff say that they have fallen ill due to the poor hygiene habits of their colleagues, and it’s little wonder when only 62% of people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. No wonder cold and flu spread through the office like wildfire. Continue reading

Mitigating the risks of snow and ice

In the UK, heavy snow and prolonged periods of very cold weather are relatively rare but, as a result, when it does happen, we tend to find ourselves unprepared.

As this week’s weather has proven, heavy snow, and black ice can strike anywhere and cause chaos. When this happens, businesses need to be prepared and take the necessary precautions to prevent injuries and accidents which might arise due to adverse winter weather conditions. Continue reading