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Mitigating the risks of snow and ice

In the UK, heavy snow and prolonged periods of very cold weather are relatively rare but, as a result, when it does happen, we tend to find ourselves unprepared.

As this week’s weather has proven, heavy snow, and black ice can strike anywhere and cause chaos. When this happens, businesses need to be prepared and take the necessary precautions to prevent injuries and accidents which might arise due to adverse winter weather conditions. Continue reading

Hot Desking, The Pros and Cons

A modern office phenomenon, hot desking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it does offer some clear benefits. Firstly, it can reduce office costs by around 30 per cent and lead to a more efficient work place – but there is some debate about whether it’s good for staff morale.

Change is always unsettling and if you are considering introducing hot desks in your office, be aware that you may face some stiff resistance. Consider starting off with an optional hot desk area. This will slowly introduce the concept to your staff and limit the chances of open rebellion.

Here are some more top tips on how to make a successful move to a hot-desking workspace… Continue reading