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8 Dirty Habits To Banish From Your Office

No one likes to get sick. But as an employer, an outbreak of flu will devastate your company’s productivity in the short terms and, if staff sickness becomes a recurring problem, affect morale and staff retention in the long term.

Almost half of UK office staff say that they have fallen ill due to the poor hygiene habits of their colleagues, and it’s little wonder when only 62% of people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. No wonder cold and flu spread through the office like wildfire. Continue reading

A high standard of cleanliness and beauty is found in Bath

The city of Bath became a world heritage site in 1987 and boasts many cultural delights. The lure of museums and theatreland is strong and Bath welcomes almost four million day visitors a year along with a staggering one million staying visitors. Two illustrious universities reflect the dedication of the city to education and there are an abundance of service sectors, information and communication technology and creative industries. The central area of the city possesses many Roman archaeological sites and the incredible baths built by the Romans lie about six metres below city street level. This splendidly beautiful city that is steeped in rich history and culture is an exquisite landmark as well as a major tourist attraction and the businesses and establishments that thrive within Bath need to reflect the beauty and dedication to culture. Continue reading